Legal and Accreditations

With Accoil – Recycling is made simple !


Initial Audit and Full Assessment.

  • Identify the various waste streams and see precisely can and cannot be recycled
  • Understand the true value of your waste,
  • Reduce waste being sent to landfill.
  • Analyse your current costs and identify possible savings and over charges
  • Ensure compliance with legislation and Health & Safety,
  • Review your obligation under the Packaging Waste Regulations.


Change can be a good thing

  • Improved environmental performance with potential cost reductions.
  • Proven recycling services for all printing, cardboard and speciality grades of paper & board
  • Accoil can also provide a complete solution for other recyclables such as plastics, metals, wood etc
  • Offering a range of storage containers & new/reconditioned machinery (Mill size balers, static compactors, rubbish compaction systems, horizontal balers, feed systems etc. Selected from the worlds most established and successful waste handling & recycling equipment manufactures and we have a huge range of container options to meet thee requirements of even the most testing client.


Continual Improvement.

  • Working with customers to monitor collections, tonnage’s, charges and rebates paid.
  • Suggest continual improvement to ensure optimum performance and full compliance with legislation.
  • Regular meetings to audit processes, assist and inform staff and maintain recycling rates.
  • Review general waste and pro-actively reduce costs.


Recycling & Waste Management

  • Working with customers we can advise and manage customer’s general waste, maximising recycling wherever possible and reducing waste disposal costs.
  • With our specialised knowledge of establishing simple recycling solutions, we can work with customers and staff in setting up recycling services, providing innovation to meet the needs and budgets of all sizes of business. Collections can be arranged on a regular scheduled basis, or as requested (ad-hoc).